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Willow Baskets
I make and sell variety of willow baskets using traditional methods. These include frame baskets, stake and strand baskets, square work and other more unusual objects (as shown in the gallery above).
I work mainly with brown willow (willow with its bark on which has been cut, dried and then re-soaked), using mostly willow grown commercially in Somerset, as well as some locally sourced material.
Willow for the Garden
I make garden structures, including plant supports and cloches. I also create willow sculptures and other garden structures, such as playhouses and freestanding or in-situ hurdles. Garden structures are usually made from dried/re-soaked willow, since this means that the structures don’t accidentally take root in the garden. Green (fresh or live) willow has a remarkable ability to root and grow even after being cut and stored for several months!
Where to Buy
I sell my work at various craft fairs and other events during the year. If you are interested in something specific, please contact me with the details and I'll see if I can help!

I also provide practical workshops and demonstrations of willow weaving, as well as activities for children and school groups (for example, making willow mini hurdles, a small woven square that introduces children to the basics of weaving and working with natural materials).

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