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Standard six way

Typical cane pattern formed of cane woven in 6 directions to create a octagonal pattern  

Other chair seating..

If you have other chair seating that needs repair, please contact me for more details.

Repairs for Cane Seating

Hand woven re-caning of chair seats or backs using standard six way or other patterns.

I also repair blind or loom cane  and  more  complex curves or medallion and sunrise patterns. Cane  changes colour as it ages and  new cane can be stained to match existing cane or to match other furniture.

The cost  of cane repairs is typically proportional to the number of holes around the edge of the area to be caned.

As a rough guide for simple items the cost is approximately £1 per hole. Items with more than 100 holes or that are more complex will cost more.

If you would like a quotation for a repair, please include a description of the items, the number and types of holes and photos of the front and reverse of the caning to be repaired, if possible.

About Cane

Cane is the hard inner bark of Rattan, a climbing palm that grows in the tropical rain forest of South East Asia.

Woven cane

Typically six  layers of cane woven through holes in the frame of  the furniture  in a hexagonal pattern.

Blind cane

Cane is woven in short lengths that are glued or pegged into holes in the furniture but do not pass through (there is no stitching on the reverse side).

Loom cane

Pre-woven sheets of cane are glued into position (commonly used on modern furniture).

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