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Traditional Corn Dollies
The making of corn dollies goes back many thousands of years and was related to pagan rituals celebrating the end of the harvest. The dolly was made from the last sheaf of corn to be cut and was believed to shelter the spirit of the corn over the winter, so that it could be ploughed back into the land and reborn in the spring. Different forms of dolly were used in different areas of the UK.
Modern Twists
I also make contemporary straw animals, figures and other designs adapted from traditional corn dolly techniques. These include bride and groom figurines and corn dolly wedding favours.
Straw Stars
I make a variety of straw stars from small simple single layered stars to large complex multi layered stars, used as traditional Christmas decoration, a custom that originates in Germany. These are made from splitting dry straw into strands and then overlapping and tying these in different  patterns to create the stars.
Where to Buy...
I sell my work at various craft fairs and other events during the year. I also sell corn dollies and straw stars by post (online shop coming soon!). If you are interested in something specific, please contact me with the details and I'll see if I can help!
I also provide practical workshops and demonstrations of corn dollies and other straw craft.

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What I offer…

I make and sell traditional and contemporary corn dollies, made from hollow stem corn grown in the UK, along with a variety of other straw crafts.